About Us

Groupe Aztec is a consulting firm that works with private and public companies of all sizes.

Founded in 2012, Aztec Group is a consulting services firm working with private and public sector companies of all sizes in matters of growth and business development initiatives and opportunities as well as helping to overcome business challenges and obstacles. We are a collaboration of independent multi-disciplinary senior level consultants all of which have years of extensive experience in the day-to-day management of companies both nationally and internationally.

Our expertise and focus are predominantly concentrated in the manufacturing, industrial services, energy/renewable energy & resources, metals & mining, engineering & construction and manufacturing-wholesale industries where we provide a range of services including:

  • Interim and Fractional Leadership
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (analysis, due diligence, integration and consolidation)
  • Strategic Advisory (change management, organizational optimization and contractual agreements)
  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales
  • Project Management

Our consulting mandates always start with a complete understanding of client’s situational needs, corporate culture and what they are striving to achieve or overcome. Our experienced consultants are able to quickly understand situations and challenges, and in collaboration with the client analyse and outline possible alternate solutions and/or strategies.

Once the best course of action has been decided we dive in and do the hands-on work required to formulate and execute the plan, and this up to the desired results. We bring practical solutions to the table with a focus on transferring our skills and knowledge to the staff that will ultimately take full control of the project/task thereafter.

We don’t do studies, provide theories or draft 100-page reports on what you should do. Our objective and goal on each mandate is to deliver results and add value and we do this with a collaborative hands-on approach from start to finish. Our real time experience in managing businesses means we know exactly what it is to be in your shoes and our experience as consultants means we also know how and what other organisations have done in similar situations. This is what you get when you hire the right consultant, you gain from their respective experience and from their independent, objective and fresh perspectives.

Whatever key and impactful decision you take as a business manager, an owner, an executive leader, be certain you are well surrounded in that crucial decision-making process, and once that decision is taken to forge ahead, be certain you have the qualified staff to make it happen.

Sometimes a consultant can help with both.

Pierre Shea, Founder