• Handling and storage of bulk materials
  • Industrial minerals
  • Mining, metals and aggregates
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Construction materials
  • Stevedoring
  • Mineral processing

Project management

I offer personalised project management services specifically tailored to the demands and needs of each individual client. I work primarily in the sectors of industrial manufacturing, industrial minerals (mines, aggregates, metals, mineral processing), material handling and storage of bulk products and in the sector of industrial services. Always working closely with my client, I know how to integrate ourselves to your way of working and we adapt rapidly to and respect your organization’s culture.

AZTEC differentiates itself by the scale of the mandates and projects I take on. We target small to medium sized projects that are too small for larger engineering firms to take interest and too involved to have my clients allocate the necessary in house human resources required for the sought-after success of the project. Simply stated, I am your project manager, attentive to your needs and relentlessly determined to the execution of your project as if I was your own in-house project management department.

Throughout the entire mandate I ensure that not only the project’s timeline and budget limits are respected but make every necessary effort to improve upon these and this, without affecting the integrity of the health and safety, quality or any other objectives of the project. I work closely, when the demand arises, with consulting engineering firms specialised in their fields however, this is strictly limited to the specific expertise which may be required for the project in question. Furthermore, when requested by the client, I also work in collaboration with your key suppliers and business partners on the project, the stakeholders that, as I do, have your success and satisfaction at heart.

Here are some of the stages of project management that I can assist you with:

  • On-site survey and assessment
  • Conceptual, technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Authorizations and government permits
  • Analyse all applicable regulations
  • Drafting of the project notice
  • Plan, estimate and establish the project budget
  • Optimisation, control and tracking of costs
  • Planning and establishing of the project activities and execution schedule
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering
    • Concept design and planning
    • Prepare plans and technical specifications
  • Procurement and procurement assistance
    • Identification and assessment of potential suppliers and sub-contractors
    • Draft the documents for invitation to tender, assess the bids, negotiate, make recommendations and issue the contracts
    • Contract administration and tracking of orders
    • Progressive in-plant inspections of the supplier’s deliverables as they are being built and prior to their shipment on-site
    • Coordinate logistical aspects of on-site shipments and expediting
  • Construction management
    • Construction supervision
    • Technical support
    • Management and coordination of the contractor’s work
    • Track the work schedule progress and realign as may be required
    • Promote and assure the flow of communication between contractors other stakeholders
  • Streamline project execution
  • Document control
  • Start-up and commissioning and coordinate with all the different stakeholders
  • Production and distribution of project progress and cost repports
  • Support and respond on a daily basis to the client’s queries
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