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Gestion intérimaire

Interim management

There are times when it can be advantageous and important to the uninterrupted flow of your business operations to temporarily hire an interim manager. Someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can, easily and rapidly be parachuted into a situation requiring immediate attention. Here are a few examples of such circumstances which you might find yourself facing :

  • Filling a sudden departure in leadership (termination/resignation/leave of absence) while you take the necessary time to find the appropriate full-time replacement
  • Shortage of staff because of rapid growth
  • The need to implement change within an organization (act as a catalyst)
  • Fill a knowledge/skill gap missing within the organization
  • Delivery on a critical and/or new project
  • Company merger and acquisition evaluations, integration and consolidation

Strategic Advisory (change management & organizational optimization)

Successful organizations thrive when they operate at high levels of efficiencies, however multiple tasks involved in managing a business often shifts the focus from operating optimally, to being bogged down with putting out fires and the day-to-day management of the company.

From our experience most owners and leaders generally have a good idea of the improvements that are needed within their organisations; however they too often lack the staff to focus on these areas of improvements, and also the time to take meaningful steps to optimize the organization’s performance.

We help and support, on an interim basis, these business owners and leaders through business transformation and organizational change management, with a focus on improving/optimizing business operations, results, profitability and building value. We bring a fresh perspective, independent thought and expertise gained from both years of managing businesses ourselves, and from assisting clients of all sizes, all of whom are striving to become more efficient.

Conseil stratégique (gestion du changement et optimisation organisationnelle)
Gestion de projet

Project management

Who to assign to a new major project that needs to be planned and executed?

Our experience is that most companies scramble to assign a staff member for most new projects, and quite often the person assigned is either taken off their existing tasks or simply given these new responsibilities on top of their existing workload. In times when staff is difficult to find, and all are challenged with their current work loads, that more often than not this leads to frustrations and distractions from the ongoing business affairs of the company. An experienced consultant, on an INTERIM basis, can often step into this role, take full control of the project deliverables while regularly keeping your team abreast of the progress and, ultimately be handed back to the team when sufficiently advanced.

Our consultants have extensive experience in delivering projects on time, on budget and within the scope that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Business Development, Marketing & Sales

In a business environment which is constantly changing both outside the organization and from within, it is often easy to get tangled up having to juggle with various day-to-day management activities of the company. Sometimes these tasks can lead to taking your eye off of your business development plans, priorities, and targets which can easily have an adverse impact on the company‘s mid to long-term financial performance.

Having an outside business consultant’s objective and fresh perspective on things can often help provide a renewed focus on the company’s business development activities, and help recalibrate your plans on how to excel for the next 3, 5 and 10-years down the road.

We help businesses reflect, evaluate, strategize and focus on :

  • Assuring and enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Understand the market direction and size
  • Improve pricing strategies & Benchmarking
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Evaluating market and product diversification opportunities
  • Reviewing sales, marketing and branding strategies
Développement des affaires, marketing et ventes)
Fusions et acquisitions (analyse, diligence raisonnable, intégration et consolidation)

Merger & Acquisitions (analysis, due diligence, integration, and consolidation)

Mergers and acquisitions can be very stimulating and exciting to work on, and at the same time they can also be very stressful and risky. These are crucial times for any organization when you just can’t afford to make any mistakes. More often than not many people at varying levels of the organization need to be involved in this process. Engaging the services of an objective, independent and experienced business consultant as part of the team, can therefore be of significant value.

As advisors we help you evaluate these potential merger and acquisition transactions to ensure that they are in line with your profitability and growth objectives, corporate culture, and values.

Following the transaction we can also assist companies to help ensure the desired integration and consolidation objectives are achieved. This is important as it sometimes felt that all will fall into place after however that is not always the case. To ensure a smooth transition, a detailed plan of all the tasks and elements needs to be outlined and implemented and needless to say, even the most experienced will tell you that this plan will be a moving target and will need to be constantly adjusted moving forward.

A consultant can prove to be very valuable to manage this transformation while others remain focused on their existing functions and tasks within the organisation.